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Recently I found myself in a nostalgic mood as I thought of the many summer memories that flooded my mind.  As a young girl, there were certain things that marked every summer.  Now, as a mom, I see my kids experiencing some of those same things.  The nostalgia comes and I smile…

nana's house

A very fond memory I have is the 1-2 weeks in the summer that my brother and I went to my Nana’s house.  The days were filled with playing in the kiddie pool, dressing up in her heels, making tents in the living room, butter and ham sandwiches on roman meal bread, watching game shows, playing dominoes, evening walks, listening to the cicadas at sunset, and falling asleep in her bed as she told us stories of her youth.  She didn’t drive, so there were no outings but that never seemed to bother us.  We always found plenty to do.  If boredom did arise, she would crank out some new dresses for my dolls and barbies.  My brother usually went along with whatever I chose to play with, so even this made him happy.

It was a very sad day in 2005 when my grandmother passed away.  The summer weeks at her house had ended long before, but the memory still feels as if it was yesterday.  I recently found myself close to her Dallas neighborhood and thought I would drive by.  I knew that her house had been torn down and a new one constructed in its place.  It was fun to reminisce with my kids as we drove by the address that I still knew so well.  We drove on to the local shopping centers with the 5 & Dime store, The Cheese House with the best pastrami on rye, and Minyard’s…the grocery store that delivered all of Nana’s groceries.

I am so thankful for my sweet grandmother, for the memories that I will always cherish, and the photos I took of her home right after she passed away.  From the outside of her home to the dishes and TV trays we would eat dinner on while watching Wheel of Fortune, these visuals add to the memories I re-live with my kids!

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