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padawan in training

Before we left for vacation, I had the idea to bring my D40, thinking maybe I could teach Joshua some SLR basics.  I’m so glad I brought it!  He has been showing a growing interest in photography, and I want to nurture that interest as long as he wants me to.

padawan in training

With special guidelines on how to handle the camera and a few tips on getting the shot, we took a little time on morning one of camping to capture the nature right outside our tent door.  He also took a few photos when we went to Arches National Park.  He did such a great job!  These are a few of his shots straight from the camera.  (I resisted the temptation to edit them because I think it takes away from his artistic expression.)

we both followed this bug along for a while
i don’t have a whole lot of pics of myself and i love that he got me doing something that i love!
mama photographer
anyone that can capture this girl right after waking, and get her to smile, is award winning
sister just woke up
yep!  that’s my boy!
padawan photographer
view of arches national park from the car
at arches national park
another great one of his sister
sister in the car
i asked him to take a picture of us at arches
mom & dad

Didn’t he do a fabulous job??

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