bubble wands

Before we left for Africa, Emma G, her friend, and I made bubble wands!  At least they were intended to be bubble wands.  I even had visions in my head of capturing photos of huge bubbles just before they left the wire to float into the air.  Either I didn’t do the opening quite right or my homemade bubble brew was insufficient.  I read somewhere that Joy was the best to use for homemade bubbles.  I decided instead to use what I had on hand.  Maybe that was the problem.

framing her eye

Here’s the thing, though, with kids.  Their imagination is incredible.  First off, Miss Emma wanted hers to be in the shape of a star instead of round (her friend was much easier to please).  I did my best to shape it that way (yes, that is a star in the pic).  When the bubbles didn’t work, she was quite content because she now had a princess wand instead!

star wand

The moral of the story is this.  If you set out to make bubble wands and they turn into princess wands, never fear!  At least your craft wasn’t done in vain.

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