dallas at night

I haven’t done a lot of night photography.  I guess it’s mainly because the thing that makes night photography cool (in my opinion) are lights and in our small suburb, lights and night life are pretty non-existent.  Our romantic getaway to the big D found us checking out the pool after dark.  I was a little disappointed that the water was cold and there was no hot tub.  However the trip to the terrace wasn’t totally in vain, because my eye caught some very cool night shots.  I didn’t have my tripod with me, but the ledge provided the stillness I needed.


cool building w/cars

the ball

looking over the ledge

Have you practiced with night photography?  In my limited experience with it, I find that a tripod or something to put your camera on is a must.  A wireless remote would be ideal to avoid even more camera shake.  Set your camera to manual mode and play around with the shutter speed.  A slow shutter speed will pick up the lights and cause car lights to look like a line (as in the second photo), and the camera on a tripod will make the rest of the photo crisp and clear.  I also like to set my ISO as low as I can to avoid grainy looking photos.

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