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I am so excited to tell you about I Believe In Love’s newest sponsor, Alisha Ippolito Photography based in Dallas, TX!  I first met Alisha before I was even married.  Until a couple of weeks ago, it had been years since we had seen each other.  I love how our love for photography is drawing us back together!  Alisha takes some beautiful photos.  Follow her blog and you’ll see her weekly creative self-portrait, Music Monday picks, and more!  Let’s get to know Alisha…

alisha ippolito photography
“My passion is to create art through beautiful and genuine moments that tell a story.  I combine artistry with tradition and candid moments to capture your unique personality.

What inspired you to pursue photography?

When I was in the Girl Scouts in 1st Grade, whoever sold the most cookies won a little point-and-shoot camera.  Guess what?  I won!  I was fascinated by it and remember going through my dad’s junk drawer soon after that asking him to keep his old cameras that he had.  By the time I was 9-years-old, I started telling everyone that I wanted to be a photographer.  My inspirations have changed since then, but that initial inspiration came from a little girl excited that she won a prize.

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What’s in your camera bag?

I shoot with a Nikon D700 and my current go-to lens is a 35-70mm. Depending on the day, I may bring along my Instant Polaroid, but use the film sparingly. 


If you could give one photography tip for us, what would it be?

I would like to give two tips if I can!  The first tip would be to learn all you can about light, especially how to shoot with available and natural light.  I think it’s key to capturing the moment.

The second tip is to not compare yourself to other photographers.  As difficult it is to not do, this will only lead to depression and your creative flow with be lacking. ALL artists fall victim to doing this, but be active in not letting it overcome you.

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Where do you see your photography taking you in 5 years?

The ideal place I would like to see myself in five years is a combination of two things. The first is my love of travel. I have a growing list of so many places I want to discover and explore, and I want to share how I view the world through my lens. The second is my desire to help those in need. I enjoy capturing life and moments that create stories, and I want to tell stories of those who do not have the strength or ability to do so through my photography for a humanitarian cause. 

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Alisha is offering Holiday Portrait Packages just in time for Christmas!  Photo sessions can be done anywhere in the Dallas area.  Get a head start now before the busyness of the season approaches!  Call (214 695 2609) or email to book your session today!



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Images in this post were taken by Alisha and belong to her.

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