a girl turns 7, a guy turns thirty something…

We celebrated two birthdays this weekend.  It really is a double bonus to have two people in your family born on the same day…I only have to do one party!  Ha!

painted nails

Saturday couldn’t have been more lovely for a birthday party.  I took Emma G and three of her friends to get their nails painted at the local salon.  I think they loved it.  Then it was home to prepare.  I kind of go mad throwing birthday parties, because I absolutely love celebrating someone’s life.  The menu was homemade pizza, a veggie tray, cake, grapes, and dark chocolate truffles (more on this later including a giveaway).  I always think in the midst of all the baking and everything that I will take awesome birthday photos.  The truth is that I never have time.  Mark my words, next year I’m going to plan ahead and ask for help in the pre-party prep, so I’m not running around like a crazy woman!

birthday duo

Many thanks to our friends and family who celebrated with us and for those who recognized my craziness and pitched in to help get the food out.  I still can’t believe my baby is now 7.  I think my other baby is now counting backward rather than forward. {Smile.}  I love these two!

blowing out the candles

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