a scrap bunting

Do you remember the triangles I was working on last month?  I really wanted to finish the bunting or banner (or whatever you want to call it) in time for the birthdays.  I’m happy to report that I accomplished my goal!  I actually made too many triangles.  Totally fine by me.  I plan on making more of these.  I love using up scraps to make something fun!

above the closet

I used a triangle template from Sew 4 Home, because I stumbled upon it which meant I didn’t have to try and make my own.  I debated on the best way to make the triangles.  I finally settled on just pinning two together, right sides facing out, and sewing down the sides (I didn’t sew the top).  It was the simplest and I’ve been in the mood for frayed edges lately anyway.

scrap bunting
for the record, i really don’t like popcorn ceilings

I bought a 3 yd. piece of bias tape at the store which accommodated 22 triangles.  It did indeed hang from the food table at the birthday, but I think it looks better in its new home, above Emma G’s closet doors.  She loves it.  The next birthday in this house isn’t until April, so my goal is to make a bunting that actually says happy birthday.  I’m pretty sure I can get it done by then!


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