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christmas crafting here and there

I’ve really tried to think ahead before this Christmas season started, so I could enjoy it and not be stressed.  It’s really paid off (I hope my family would say the same.)  From sewing reusable bags throughout the year to researching and planning gift giving further in advance (which included setting aside review products for Christmastime to help with the budget), I went into this week feeling ready to relax and soak in kiddo time since they were out of school.

christmas cookies

We’ve tried to bake lots of cookies together, because I do believe cookies should be readily available this time of year.  Sugar cookies, chocolate chip sea salt cookies, shortbread, snickerdoodles, there’s still some we missed, however.

snowman potato print

potato print bunting

And of course I can’t go a holiday without some kind of craft.  We decided to do some potato prints this year.  A bag of cookies cutters for $1 at Dollar Tree have already proved useful.  We made a potato print banner and the kids made potato print Christmas cards to attach to the bread bags and apple butter for their teachers.

in a bread bag

Yes, it was another year of homemade bread and apple butter to gift to their teachers.  It was such a hit last year that nothing else seemed to be right.  The kids were so excited to hand them out.  I went a little crazy baking 9 loaves of bread without being able to cut into a single one.  That’s a sacrifice I was willing to make. 🙂

the girls with santa
jman with santa

We have never taken the kids for pics with Santa mainly because we just don’t really do Santa, but this year they unintentionally had two photo opps with the bearded man…at a local church kid’s Christmas event and at Sea Life Aquarium where Santa dove into the tank with Rudolph and they made Christmas ornaments.

scuba santa

I feel like this blog has been a busy place lately, so I’m going to leave it loose until the beginning of the year.  I might pop in after the holidays or I might not.  My number one priority is to beat everyone at games play as many games as I can and eat cookies for at least one meal a day.

Hope you have a beautiful Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior!  Here’s a little Christmas greeting from Alvin and myself…

*Santa photos were taken by a gal at the church.

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