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With my 2012 “word” being risk, I am studying risk takers in the Bible.  
It’s fascinating to learn these nuggets from Bible greats.

I’ve always loved the story of Joshua in the Bible.  God told him to do something crazy and he just did it!

blow the horn

Verse one of Joshua 6 describes Jericho as being “tightly shut.”  Then wouldn’t the logical thing to do have been to use force to get through the walls?  Instead God told Joshua to do something illogical and completely crazy…march around with horns for 6 days, and on the 7th, march around 7 times blowing trumpets and then shout.  Maybe God was going for the shock and awe factor?

march around

What’s amazing to me is that, after God gave his instructions, it says Joshua called the priests and relayed the plan.  He didn’t question God.  I wonder if he had ANY inner turmoil or if his faith in God was so strong that he knew obedience to the crazy plan was the only option.  Was he not scared to risk looking completely crazy? Did the thought, “What if this doesn’t work?” ever cross his mind?

“When God speaks, take up the shield of faith and run the risk of looking crazy.”

I ask because these questions are what first pop into my head.  However, God did not call me to sit idly by in my comfortable place.  No, He called me to trust in Him and obey, even if it means running the risk of looking completely crazy.

Scripture reference…Joshua 6.

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