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starting 2012 with creativity

The hubs had a great idea the other day…ring in the New Year with creativity.  So…we spent January 1st with paints and a huge, blank canvas.  The previous day we talked to the kids about New Year’s and that it’s a time of setting goals, etc.  They were kind of like, “Why?”  It’s quite funny to try and explain time to kids.  It’s a new year, but isn’t it also just another day?

2012 creative painting


As we prepared for our family art project, we encouraged the kids to paint what they want to be about in 2012, what they want to see, words that stand out to them.  I love how it all came together so beautifully with a little of all of us in it.

sing, faith

It hasn’t found a home on the wall yet, but I’m thinking right above the couch will be the perfect spot.  I love having a visual to remind us of what God is going to do this year!


heart in hand

How did you ring in the New Year?

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