wooden valentine’s mailboxes {tutorial}

I really like Valentine’s Day in all its red and pink glory.  Know why?  It means the kids and I get crafty making mailboxes!  When I announced to Joshua that it was indeed that time of year again, he kind of shrugged and said, “Ok.”  I was a little worried that it was time for the tradition to die.  I braved the question and asked if he still enjoyed it or if it was time to let it go.  He replied, “No, I want to make them.”  Whew!

jen's mailbox

My original vision involved sewing baskets.  Ok, that meant I would be sewing baskets and the point of making mailboxes is that the kids can make their own.  I gave up that vision and turned to a post I wrote last year with all kinds of mailbox ideas.

With this as inspiration, we gathered supplies. To make one mailbox, you will need…


64 skill sticks (I bought mine at Michael’s.)
wooden knobs with a flat bottom (also at Michael’s)
paint, paintbrushes
other decorating accessories


1.  You can either paint all your sticks and pieces first or paint the finished product.

painting hearts

2.  Lay out 11 sticks side by side and glue 3 across to hold them in place.  Make a second one of these.  One will be the top and the other the bottom.  Although it’s not the best glue to use, I used hot glue.  After lining a stick with it, I held it firmly down for about 15 seconds.

3.  Make 9 rows of sticks on each side by interlocking the sticks together.

interlocking sticks

4.  Glue “box” to bottom piece.  Glue 4 knobs to bottom piece to make legs and one knob to top piece so you can easily lift the top off the box.

5.  Glue fun accessories to show off your mailbox and start receiving Valentine’s!

eg's pink mailbox

I love how each of ours turned out unique.  Emma G and I chose to spray paint all of our sticks first.  I painted mine red and hers pink. Joshua had other plans in mind.  He made his box and spray painted his at the end because he had a camouflage idea in mind.  I didn’t add “legs” to mine simply because the package only came with 11.  I do love my little bunting and love bird, though.

How do you like the pink and red camo?  I thought he did an excellent job!

jman's camo mailbox

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