it’s an angry bird

We have a very special birthday coming up. In about a month my firstborn will be entering into the double digits. How did we get here so fast? I guess time certainly does fly when you’re having fun.

angry bird

Since I like to go all out for birthday celebrations, we recently began talking about what he might like. With the ever popular Angry Birds app, he was very excited to have an Angry Birds party. With the help of Pinterest, we have all we need to make this party awesome. Did you know that plush Angry Birds are like $10 each? That’s out of my budget for decorations and party favors. Instead I spent less than that to make a whole handful of angry birds and pigs. Oh, yes, these are the bomb. They’re homemade, but they’re the bomb.

bokeh head

I used the sewing tutorial from Obsessively Stitching. She’s got patterns for ALL the angry birds. It’s insane. Joshua’s eyes got so big, but I told him we would start with the angry birds and pigs and see what we have time for. I seriously love that he gets into these celebrations just as much as I do.

getting his throw on

I figure these will be great for decorating the table, and the kids can each take one home as their party favor. What do you think?
Linking up with Jennifer @ Studio JRU for Sneak Peek Friday. Like Pinterest, there’s an insane amount of creative goodness over there!


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