trying to get organized

Well, I’m trying to get organized today. The kids returned to school after a week of Spring break. I honestly wasn’t ready for them to go back. The week went too fast! We did enjoy time with Jeremy’s parents and working on some projects around the house.

with pops

 I drove Jeremy to the airport this morning. He’s off to S. Africa. As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to hear if United is going to be nice and accomodate him since his flight to D.C. is delayed thus making him miss his connection to Joburg. So far they’re not cooperating, so we’ll see if I’m driving back to the airport today.

I never like to be apart from my love, but as we talked last night, we reminded ourselves that this traveling we do, sometimes apart, sometimes together, it’s all part of we feel called to. It’s living out our dreams. It’s exercising our passions and those things that bring us life. I’m always amazed at how God allows us to do this. His goodness is certainly overwhelming and leaves me incredibly thankful.

with hannah 

I will be single parenting the next two weeks, but I’m certain it will go by fast. The kids have so many activities going on and I’ve got some angry birds to finish. First, I need to get organized. My head is still in a fog from Spring break fun.

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