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guest post :: joshua on austin

Last week the 4th graders at Joshua’s school took a field trip to Austin, our state’s capital. It was a long day but what a fun experience! I wasn’t able to go, so I gave Joshua our point and shoot so he could capture the day on camera. I also asked him to write a guest post about his day… 

Austin was very exciting and I wish I got to see more of it. My favorite part of the trip was the capital because the shape of it and how they made the inside of it.

I learned some interesting facts about Texas history like Pa Ferguson was governor of Texas but disobeyed the law so Ma Ferguson became the new governor.

At Bob Bullock Museum, we watched 3 films. One was a 4D IMAX film about rattlesnakes. It was the scariest part of the trip for me. I screamed when the snake hissed, because it looked like it was coming out at me.

I took lots of pictures while I was in Austin. This is the best picture I got of the capital.

the capital
I hope I go back to Austin sometime.


I tried to get him to put more photos on here, but this is the only one he wanted. For the sake of giving him liberties over “his post,” I let it be, but he took lots of other great ones, too!

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