pillowcase skirts

With Uganda on the travel plans this summer, I needed to make some skirts, ones that would be cool and airy for my two weeks near the Equator. I found brand new packages of pillowcases at Salvation Army for $1 and thought they would be the perfect, inexpensive solution. Now I wasn’t blessed with slim hips. No, my blessing came in the form of being able to birth a nearly 10 lb. baby. One pillowcase doesn’t cover those kind of hips, but 1 1/2 do. Jeremy said that one didn’t look bad. I squatted to test it out and all I could envision was maneuvering this way and that to get the perfect shot while a seam ripped up the side. I’m not going for my most embarrassing moment in Uganda, so 1 1/2 it was.

with an umbrella


There really wasn’t a lot of measuring and carefulness with these babies. I did learn a bit of a better technique with the second one, using the additional “half” for the sides. Thankfully the black and white (or maybe it’s dark blue??) skirt has such a busy pattern, you can’t see what I did there. 🙂 After getting the width I wanted, I made an elastic casing at the top and used 1 inch ribbed, non-roll elastic. A little embellishment from felt scraps at the bottom gave them a fun touch. For less than $3 each, I have 2 skirts to wear. I love that I don’t have to worry about them getting ruined nor do I have to worry about ease of movement as I photograph my way through Uganda. 🙂

oh so cool 
the oh so cheesy cool moi

little blue birdie

With Joshua’s growing interest in photography, I asked him to take these shots of me. It’s not easy taking photos of a photographer, but I think he did a great job. I had to laugh as I modeled my creations for Jeremy. He said, “I didn’t think they’d be so long.” Perhaps on a person with a normal height, they wouldn’t be, but on a 5’1″ gal, yes, they’re a little long. 🙂


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