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the jane austen dress

jane austen dress

This little knit was a booger. It’s little, so I should have finished it quickly. The top I did finish pretty quickly but that shrug. Oh my. I probably unraveled it 7 times before I got it right. I almost gave up, but I refused to let it get the better of me.

floppy hat

I’ve had my eye on this Jane Austen dress from Mason Dixon Knitting for some time now. I received the book for Christmas and finally got my supplies to make it. I love this batik print I found at a local fabric shop. Since Emma G is now into purple, I knew I had to incorporate it somehow (another reason I couldn’t give up on that shrug).

side view


After I finished the final touches on this, I packed up ALL my knitting supplies. I feel there’s too much going on in my head to think about what I might want to make while in Africa, so I just packed it all away. Jeremy let out a slight gasp when I told him. I assured him that I would be just fine. If I need a quick little satisfying knit, I can always go down to the shop and buy some needles and yarn. For now, I’m happy to have a little knitting break with all the other things I’m trying to focus on.


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