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today’s progress

It's a very wet kind of morning.

Well, it’s just after 11 pm Eastern time and I’m just now sitting down to blog. There’s really not much to report but it is nice to sit and just type after a day’s work. Today was a wet and rainy day in New England. Days like these make me want to curl up with a book. Instead I spent the day painting and wiping down walls and baseboards. Unfortunately our previous tenants had animals, and I don’t think they cleaned much. Emma G and I decided today that we don’t want a pet anytime in the near future. I really can’t believe how high animal hair can get on walls. Serious grossness.

I was so happy to realize, at the end of the day, that I accomplished everything on my list plus some. That’s always a great feeling. How do you like my painting crew?

Today's painting crew. I think I got the most paint on me. :)

They’re fun to work with although I almost had to fire one of them for not listening. I have pretty strict instructions when it comes to them helping me paint. If they don’t listen, they get the boot and have to find another job. Painting is the favorite, so once a warning of job termination is given, they usually put on their listening ears.

Hope you had a great Monday! In six days, I’ll be boarding a plane bound for S. Africa. First, though, we must get this work done!

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