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I have so much written in my journal and it seems with the long days, that I don’t have enough time to type it out and find the photos to go with the story. Thankfully they are written down so that I won’t forget. I had to take some time yesterday in the middle of everything to just sit and write in the midst of everything around me. There’s too many stories and I’m afraid they will be forgotten if I don’t reflect on them.

This girl had the sweetest smile.

We’ve spent the last 2 days in Dino, which is the birthplace of Joseph Kony. It’s almost felt like this surreal movie. People talking about the days when rebels would raid the camps, hearing kids scream at the sight of a thermometer because they’ve never seen one before, women sleeping overnight at the clinic so that they can be sure and receive the free health care being offered. I know I am painting a devastating picture. I like to tell the stories of hope, but it just has felt overwhelming and like something I’ve heard about or seen on TV. I can’t believe I’m seeing it in real life.

In the midst of it all, this little girl really brightened my day. She was eager to speak to me because of my white skin (apparently). She had the best smile and I was thankful for it in the midst of what I was feeling inside. Please continue to pray for us. We are going to Arut today and will spend 3 days doing more medical and dental clinics and youth and children’s programs. Please pray for the doctors and dentists for strength. Please pray that we would have enough supplies for everyone. Pray for these people that they would feel the love of God in the midst of it all. Thank you for following me on this journey and your encouragement along the way.

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