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buganda road market

I really love going to local markets. In Africa, it’s not just the finds but the bartering. I know some people hate it, but I actually love it. See the lady posing all funny in the doorway below? That’s my new friend, Julia (stall 3 at the Buganda Road market if you’re ever in Uganda). When I asked the price on a slingshot for Joshua, she told me 20,000 shillings (a little over $8). Now I knew the color of my skin raised the price, so I offered 5,000 shillings. We ended up settling on 7,000. That’s a big difference from 20,000, but that’s how you play the game. We were all laughter and smiles in the end and even exchanged emails. How do you like the red t-shirt that says MZUNGU?? My skin is bright enough. I don’t need a t-shirt pointing it out, too. 🙂

buganda road market

These were some of my fellow teammates posing at the market. Ah, miss you Charles, Chegu, Tino, and Becky!

at the market

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