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5 signs you’ve stayed too long in a hotel


We didn’t plan to nor budget for an extra four days in London at a hotel, but honestly, it was just what our family needed. We figured our Tuesday flight was cancelled since it was the day after Hurricane Sandy. We had no idea the earliest we could leave would be four days later. It was a blessing in disguise that totally re-energized us for the next leg of our travels, but perhaps there are recognizable signs you’ve stayed in a hotel too long when…

1. You no longer have to give your name and room number when entering the VIP lounge.

2. You know the best restaurant to eat at in the hotel.

3. They give you free washing powder to wash your clothes. (Who does laundry in a hotel??)

4. You start going to the pool fully dressed and change in the changing room while easily recognizing the Americans who walk in already in their bathing suit. Gah! Don’t they know that’s like soooo improper? 🙂

5. You don’t walk outside for 96 hours simply because there’s nowhere in the hotel’s vicinity to go.

Have you ever been stuck somewhere because of weather?

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