our kenya excursion

At The Equator

Last month Jeremy and I were able to travel to Kenya, taking some of our great friends with us. Have I ever mentioned how much I love East Africa? Well, I do, and it’s always a privilege when I get to go back there. The people are as lovely as the landscape. We got to see our Kenyan friends and all the awesome things they are doing. When we were in Kenya last year, we got to hear about dreams of what these guys wanted to do in the future. This year, we got to see some of those dreams starting to come to fruition. It’s so amazing how God starts bringing things about!

Pouring Water

We also got to do something that I’ve always wanted to do but never done in all my trips to Uganda and Kenya…see the Equator! It is an educational treasure, friends. I was flabbergasted to see with my own eyes things I’ve read about. I mean, having lived in two different hemispheres, I’ve noticed the difference in gravitational pull, but to see the effects within a mere 20 meters was fascinating. Please head over to Petit Elefant to read about the demonstration this kind man did for us. The line may be imaginary, but it’s very real!

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