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the walls

Round two of simple creativity for our apartment walls consisted of empty wine bottles, clipboards, feathers, and sticks! I seriously spent hardly any money on the stuff I made for the walls. I balanced things out above the bed by mounting a piece of board with a wine bottle attached to it onto the wall. The tutorial for these are here. I did have to get creative since I couldn’t get some of the supplies here in SA, but they still turned out great. Unfortunately, these photos don’t show flowers in the vases, but they really pop with those bits of color in there.


Next up was the simple way of hanging photos using clipboards. I taped off half a section (diagonally) on each clipboard and painted it using paint I had lying around. Then I just clipped some art to it. Easy! (Those printables are found here and here, if you’re interested.)

clipboard art

Then there was the feathers. My dog hates these, but I love them. I found a wooden lad (that’s what we call them, anyways) left from another project and simply tied feathers to it. I love how these blow in the cool breeze.

feather art

The last bit of wall art consisted of a branch I found outside surrounded by various framed art. I swear the guys hanging that branch thought I was crazy, but I love the texture and shape of a branch hanging on the wall. Best of all, it was FREE!

wall art

That’s the wall art for our lovely, little apartment!

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