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14 Days

Today marks 14 days since I returned from South Africa. I’m relieved that I’ve had no COVID-19 symptoms after being in an enclosed space with hundreds of other people. I’ve been self-quarantined to my house these past 14 days only getting out for walks. The only thing that changes now is that I can go to the grocery store. Today I’m busy making a 2 week menu and list. My goal is to make the least amount of trips to the store as possible. I watched this video on disinfecting my groceries in preparation for the big trip…

As I was watching this, I was also thinking how it’s crazy how life has changed in such a short amount of time. I’ve realized I have to constantly align my thoughts in the course of a day. I can be frustrated at the limitations and the fear that creeps in, or I can embrace it for what it is and walk in wisdom, trusting in God.

I read this today. It has been on my mind all day.

“We do not handle suffering; suffering handles us— in deep and mysterious ways that become the very matrix of life and especially new life. Only suffering and certain kinds of awe lead us into genuinely new experiences.”

Suffering can lead us into genuinely new experiences. How many of you have found that to be true? Today I’m choosing to embrace the suffering for the new…new ways of looking at the world, new games to play with my family, new ways of doing date night. I’m only limited if I let myself be limited.

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