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Corona Blues

Anyone else feel like they’ve hit a new level of stir crazy this week? If you have, you’re not alone. I’ve talked to so many people who are feeling it. Emma Grace asked if there’s a different family she could quarantine with. I’ve felt an antsy-ness and irritability this week. Even our dog seems to be mopey. We’re all feeling it. But I think it’s normal. Many people are in the same boat.

I watch the numbers every day. At over 850,000 cases in the US and over 2.6 million worldwide, it feels surreal. When will this end? I talked to a travel nurse yesterday and was asking her some questions about what it’s like being in healthcare right now. Her answer? It’s crazy. This is no hoax. It’s real. She went on to tell me about a friend of hers working as a critical care nurse in New York City right now. She said, “I video chatted with her on the phone the other day. She didn’t even look like the same person. She’s so stressed and overwhelmed right now.”

And so we press on in lockdown, shelter-in-place, quarantine, whatever you’re choosing to call it, because this is real, and it isn’t over. Guys, we can do this, because human life is valuable.

Apparently, in the last quarter, Netflix got 15.8 million new subscribers worldwide. Whoa. If you’re looking for a new Netflix show to watch, we recently thoroughly enjoyed The Stranger, Unorthodox, and The English Game.

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