Productivity In the Midst of COVID-19

About a month ago, when COVID-19 started to get real in the US, something deep inside of me warned me of filling my time with things. Over the past month, there’s been times when I thought “I’m at home all.the.time. I should be getting more things done around here.” I started to feel guilty and confused. I had the time but something was missing. Anyone else felt this way recently? Today a light bulb came on. Given the current world situation and the emotional toll that it takes when you start to think about health, finances, friends, and family, it’s no wonder I’ve been unable to accomplish more than I thought I could. There’s little space left in the brain. Emotional tolls suck creativity and energy.

I feel we’ve been given a key opportunity, a chance to reset. I listened to a podcast today that asked a powerful question, “What do I want my life to look like when I emerge from all this?” Wouldn’t it be a shame if I didn’t take advantage of what this time has to offer?

We often find our identity in what we can accomplish. It’s hard to physically accomplish much right now, but we are able to make long-term investments in our personal lives and our families that can go way beyond any physical productivity. So here’s my encouragement for you today. One, give yourself some grace in this season if you’re struggling with being productive and creative. Two, use this opportunity to hit the reset button on anything in your life you’d like to change moving forward.

PS: If you want to listen to the podcast I referenced, you can find it here.

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