Shelter In Place Nostalgia

The past week and a half, a friend of ours has been sending us some nostalgia from the past as she’s been going through treasures during shelter in place. It’s been a welcome treat! I remember looking through photo albums at my grandmother’s house every time we would go visit her. It was always so fun to look at them and hear the stories. It was a way of passing down the family history.

Even when we moved into our house in Texas back in August, we found photo albums from 20 years ago, and the kids (and us) got a kick out of looking through (and laughing at) the memories.

In this digital world, I don’t print photos like I used to, therefore, there’s not many albums to look through. Here’s a stake in the ground to changing that, because it’s a beautiful thing to be able to pass down photos and history!

Take some time this week to look through photos and remember the stories. Here’s mine from the gems I received this week.

Celebrating my 21st birthday in Louisiana. If I remember right, the cake said, “Happy 12th Birthday, Jenny.”
Me and the hubs. We were engaged, don’t think we were married yet.
Circa 2002. How do you like that flavor savor and flipped out hair? Oh, how styles change.
Gosh. This little nugget just turned 18. He was such an easy firstborn.

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