10 Things

Every Friday, I will be posting 10 things I’m grateful for. Join along with me by posting your blog link in the comments of your own 10 things or simply comment with what you’re thankful for.

1. Sunsets. We have some amazing sunsets at our property in South Africa that I miss dearly. Last night I took Emma Grace to a park to get a sunset photo for a class assignment. The ducks, the water, the sunset, it was all so beautiful.

2. Numbers? As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted much this week. That’s because my head has been in numbers. Not necessarily my happy place, but it does feel good when things work logically.

3. Old family photos. Our kitchen table this week has been littered with them. While we can’t eat at the table, I do love the laughing and stories I hear throughout the day.

4. That being said, our family dinners have taken up residence outside. This weather is fabulous, and I’m loving soaking in as much Vitamin D as possible.

5. What I’m not loving is the pollen floating in the air. I hate allergies, but I’m thankful for allergy medicine that provides some relief.

6. I picked some wild flowers last weekend. I love the color that they brought to the table. It brought a little happy inside!

7. Lotion. With all this hand washing, my hands are getting so dry. So thankful for my cocoa butter lotion these days.

8. Some Good News. I like good news in general, but I’m referring to John Krasinki’s weekly YouTube show. You will laugh. You will cry. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, you must.

9. Travel. With the current world situation and travel not possible, it’s made me realize how thankful I am to be able to see the world. I’m looking forward to the day when I can cross borders again!

10. Spanish brunch. I was super excited to bring our “Spanish brunch” pan back from South Africa, so Jeremy could make one of our favorite breakfasts. This recipe is definitely one you have to try.

What are you thankful for?

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