10 Things Today

Every Friday, I will be posting 10 things I’m grateful for. Join along with me by posting your blog link in the comments of your own 10 things or simply comment with what you’re thankful for.

1. Homemade almond milk. Even better? Homemade almond milk made by my husband. SO good. He’s not really a recipe following guy, but he makes it somewhat similar to this but uses only about 4 cups of water. We like it a little creamier since we use it in coffee.

2. Mother’s Day! I think it had been 3 years since we were all together for Mother’s Day, so it was pretty special for me this year to have everyone in the same location. I had a lovely day and felt so loved by my crew!

3. Today is the last day of school! Emma Grace has done great with online learning, but I think she’s definitely feeling weary from it all and ready for a break. It will give her time to finish her online driving course, so she’s ready to get that permit when the Dept. of Public Safety opens up!

4. Feeling extra thankful for my boy and my girl this week. How do I already have a son who’s graduated high school and a daughter who’s about to start driving?!

5. Our new car! Who buys a car during a pandemic? Well, apparently we do. After being back in the states for over a year, it was time. With no where really to go, we’ve taken scenic drives almost daily. We’re all loving our new set of wheels!

6. Apparently Emma G has decided to start daily words of wisdom. Today’s? “Why read the book when you could watch the movie?”

7. Jeremy and I met 2 incredibly nice strangers on our walk today. From a 6 foot distance, we talked about why they moved to Texas from Boston and how cute our dog is. 🙂

8. Book club and life giving conversations with our friends in South Africa. I know I say it a lot, but I sure do miss doing life with those guys.

9. So much time with the hubs. We’ve always worked together, so we’re used to being around each other a lot, but this time of quarantine has meant even more time together, and I can honestly say, I just like being around him!

10. End of school traditions that equal eating banana splits. Celebration, especially in this season of life, is always warranted.

What are you thankful for?

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