The Power of Kindness

I’ve never liked grocery shopping. I like planning a menu and executing it, but the actual shopping for groceries is just a necessary means to an end. That’s why I do a big shop once a month and just get essentials like fruit, vegetables, and milk during the week. When COVID-19 hit, Jeremy started doing the shopping while I would wipe everything down when he got home. It was a good way to split up the duties.

It’s not been until recently that I started venturing more into the grocery stores, and I find the new normal of shopping to be a stark contrast to before. One way signs direct traffic, smiles are hidden behind face masks, and if you’re coming up near someone, both parties retreat into the 6 foot bubble to avoid close contact.

What I’ve realized is that it takes extra effort to practice kindness like smiling anyway, because they might not be able to see my mouth, but a smile lights up the eyes, too. Or commenting on the lack of toilet paper with a bit of humor. How about taking the time to wish the cashier a great day? I think we’re all weary of COVID-19 and its ramifications. The new rules and guidelines are necessary but cumbersome. I think we could all use a little extra kindness today and everyday. How about we start by finding ways to practice it a little more?

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