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all coloured up

Several weeks ago, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a colour party where we celebrate creativity, diversity, and the many different cultures that make up Ten Thousand Homes?” From there, we started planning a party full of colour with creative outlets galore.

happy hello!

so colourful nice hair

When I showed up to the party, casually late as always, I saw a sea of white. Instructions were followed to a tee. “Come as a blank canvas.” Between the all-white and the coloured kool-aid that our US friends brought over, well, let’s just say that I’m glad no one who didn’t know us showed up. {Kooky…}

The biggest prep for this party was making the colour powder. It wasn’t hard. I just only had so many trays for drying the stuff. I followed this recipe. Super easy! Oh, and it actually did wash out of clothes rather easy. Our other stations included…

twister and prize board

playing twister

  • A Twister game station with a prize punch board for the winners.
  • A painting station with a very cool art piece to paint on created by one of our staff.
painting station


  • A writing station with a real typewriter. People always seem to find those old typewriters super fun.
  • A photo booth station with those cheap, plastic tablecloths as the backdrop.
  • A music station complete with a keyboard, drum, and guitar.
  • A colouring station with good, old fashioned colouring books.
  • A luminary station for creating some outdoor ambiance.


    Of course, there was dancing, games that involved silliness and shaving cream, glow sticks to adorn ourselves, and FOOD! Our friends from the US prepared a fantastic feast of kebabs, both fruit, veggie, and meat, rice, and banana pudding!

    shaving cream game

    We kept decor simple and colourful. Balloons, streamers, buntings, cupcake paper garlands, and polka dot garlands.

    love him

    me and my boy

    So fun. So easy. Lots of laughs. Lots of smiles. That’s what it’s all about!


    tree branch shoe rack

    close up shoe rack

    I am in a de-clutter, organize my house mode. This is where my family needs to watch out, because chances are, I will 1. throw something away, 2. move something resulting in someone asking me where said thing is, and 3. make to-do lists, lots and lots of to-do lists. I currently have a list for each room in my house and what needs to be done in it. I get like this every once in a while, and my family exercises their patience while I get it out of my system.

    This past weekend Joshua and I embarked on a little project. He desperately needed a shoe rack for all his shoes. We got some ideas from Pinterest, but I told him it had to be made entirely out of stuff we had at home, no rands could be spent. I like the challenge of that, and honestly, find such satisfaction in it.

    shoe rack

    I LOVE the results of our shoe rack! We found two planks of wood that were the perfect size and cut ten tree branches to hang the shoes on. We let those dry out for a few days. We mixed a 1/4 cup water and 1 cup of white paint in a yogurt container and shook each tree branch in it to cover it in white paint.

    I didn’t take photos of the process. Ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re on a creative mission, guys. Sorry. I just get so involved that I don’t think about documenting it!

    rack of shoes

    After the paint dried, we drilled each tree branch to the wood plank. We drilled holes in the branches before the paint wash, but they weren’t big enough, so I had to drill a bigger hole resulting in paint coming off a bit. I’m ok with that. I call imperfections like that character spots. It works and Joshua was totally fine with that.

    We had a bit of a challenge screwing these into the wall. I hate concrete walls for this very reason. They are hard to drill into! Jeremy has been out of town (he gets back today!) so I was determined that we could do this. At one point, Joshua said, “Shouldn’t we just wait until Dad gets back?” The lion came out and I said, “No, we can do this!” And we did. And it looks great. Sometimes I stand at the bottom of the stairs and just look up at it. Not really. Well, maybe.

    Inspiration for this project (including step-by-steps that I didn’t provide) found here.

    Community creativity Fun

    a valentine’s party

    Valentine's Table

    Last week my special events team and I put on a Valentine’s Party. It was meant to be simple, but I’ve realized that I have a hard time doing simple. I get ideas, and ideas, and more ideas, and of course, once I see something I like, I just can’t not do it. Anyone else like that?


    The tables really were simple but quite beautiful, I do believe. White tablecloths, white taper candles, and bougainvillea adorned each table. The place settings were my favorite. What do you think of when you think of Valentine’s Day? Love? Flowers? Chocolate? All of the above, right? Each plate was adorned with a box of homemade chocolates for everyone to take home! I used the Mixed Nut Dark Chocolate Truffle recipe from Sweet Confections. Ah-mazing. These are gluten free and sugar free, so they fit my diet! It’s hot here in SA right now, so it was quite the challenge to keep these babies from melting. In this case, it was totally appropriate to consume dessert before dinner!


    We also topped each box of chocolate with a paper love fortune cookie. I love giving away things at these parties, and these were going to serve as tickets to a very special drawing! I love having surprises up my sleeve.

    We used this paper folding tutorial to make the fortunes. I typed out 50 love quotes to insert inside. Throughout the night, we drew fortunes and whoever had that one in their cookie won an original piece of art {thanks to the talented Phoebe} that was centered around the theme of love!


    I didn’t get photos of the food, but the menu consisted of a garden salad, French bread, grilled chicken, and rosemary oven roasted potatoes which we served family style. We skewered strawberries, brownies, and marshmallows for dessert and served it with a side of ice cream.


    I do believe our 48 guests had a good time which is always the goal. In our line of work, you have to have moments like these that are light where you can kick back, relax your shoulders a bit, and just laugh. There was even some impromptu lip singing that broke out and of course, a dance party, because every party needs to end with dancing, right?

    Crafts creativity

    you’ve got mail

    Valentine's mailboxes made out of milk jugs

    Every year we have this Valentine’s tradition. We make mailboxes (we, as in the kids and I) for treats and notes to each other the week of Valentine’s. I thought for sure that Joshua would be so over it this year. He’s about to be 13. 13! That’s another blog post, but I’ll just leave it at this. Things change fast at that age. Like too fast. I was thrilled when his answer was yes to another year of mailbox making.

    Valentine's mailboxes made out of milk jugs

    It was a perfect Saturday craft last weekend. Every year we’ve managed to make a different mailbox. It sure is hard coming up with new ideas, BUT we found one that didn’t require me to buy anything extra. Score.

    Empty milk jug…check.

    Sharpie markers…check.

    Various scrapbooking supplies…check (although it did remind me how far behind I am on the kid’s scrapbooks).

    Valentine's mailboxes made out of milk jugs

    Valentine's mailboxes made out of milk jugs

    We added flags so that it would be obvious when there was actual mail.

    And just in case anyone was wondering, there is NO MILK INSIDE, and this one belongs to Joshua. It’s not yourz. When you run out of S’s, you have to get creative. 🙂

    Valentine's mailboxes made out of milk jugs

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    creativity in the studio

    in the studio :: a birthday fiesta

    Welcome to In The Studio, a place to show off your studio and meet some great artists! It’s party central around these parts! This party actually took place over a month ago. I just haven’t posted it yet! My friend, Kacy, turned 30 the end of August. 30th birthdays call for big celebrations, so that’s what we aimed for when we planned a fiesta!

    photo booth

    can't have enough dancing

    Fajitas, chips and salsa, guacamole, Spanish rice, and refried beans adorned the savory menu. Chocolate fondue with fruit and pound cake, along with some Brazilian sweet pizza, made up the sweet menu.




    my spanish love


    Of course, we had to have a photo booth. How do you like the tied up scarves for the background? There was dancing to country music (in the bottom of an empty pool, isn’t that what you do with pools??) and an epic lip sync battle using rolling pins as microphones.

    lip sync battle


    Ah, celebrations are wonderful. Celebrating anything or anyone this week?

    Now it’s your turn! Remember your “studio” can be anywhere. Let’s celebrate each other’s creativity by linking up and visiting as many as the other studios as you can. Check out the about post for more info and don’t forget to grab the In The Studio button!