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what i learned :: joshua

love that smile my boy

We ended our last school year in July. We had a grand picnic to celebrate. The kids and I have really enjoyed some time off of school. Yesterday we started a new school year, 6th grade for Joshua and 3rd for Emma Grace. We’re not really on any certain school year schedule (America or S. Africa). I guess we’re just on the Price family school schedule. 🙂 It works for us and that’s what matters, right?

A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with the kids to talk about what they learned the last school year and to start planning for the next school year. I love that our last school year found us learning from books as well as travels. The kids loved it, too. Here are Joshua’s highlights and things he learned…

~learned division better

~learned figures of speech

~started liking reading more

~toured the British Museum

~saw London and the countryside

~saw Dublin and the Irish countryside

~saw a castle

Both kids were in agreement that they wanted some extracurricular activities in their routine this go around. Joshua is now taking karate twice a week. He’s got some killer kicks going on. 🙂

Home Schooling

so old school


I love having technology available to enhance the kid’s learning experience. We use iPads for school, and there’s some really amazing apps out there (sometime I’ll have to show you our favorites). However, there are times when it’s appropriate to give technology the boot.

Last week, I gave Joshua his spelling and vocabulary words for the week and told him that he must look each word up in the dictionary. He protested. “Can’t I just google it?” Doesn’t he know that google isn’t even in the dictionary? No, of course not. He’s a child of the technology age, and in his mind, “google it” equals dictionary. I do like the ease of google but there’s something beautiful about opening a book full of words and actually looking up the meaning.

During his assignment he said, “This is so old school.” Yes, maybe it is, my son, but old school isn’t a bad thing. I rather like embracing old school every once in a while.

When was the last time you used a real dictionary (as opposed to an online one)?

Crafts Home Schooling Kids

happy earth day

happy earth day!

Well, today is Earth Day. It’s really not even talked about here in S. Africa. At least I haven’t heard anything. I do value recycling and repurposing, though. I think it’s the good steward in me.

earth day banner

In honor of Earth Day, the kids and I made Earths last week for Science. They were so easy and so fun. They were also quick which meant it was easy to turn out lots to make an Earth Day banner! To make your own super easy Earths, here’s what you’ll need…

jman painting earth


round coffee filters
blue and green food coloring

eg painting earth


1. Drop several drops of food coloring into cups of water and stir.

2. Take your coffee filter, dip your paintbrush into the food coloring mixture, and paint away!

Idea inspired by No Time For Flash Cards.

Home Schooling

baseball cards, magical fish, and arabic?

Well, we all made it through home schooling yesterday after a long break. I purposed in my heart to extend grace and exercise lots of patience. I think it helped. Actually I know it did. Joshua breezed through everything but swore that making baseball cards after reading Casey At Bat was just too hard. He gets it in his mind that anything having to do with language arts is too hard, but I persisted. Wouldn’t you know it that he had a blast making them and was super proud of his creativity? I was, too.

showing off his cards

baseball cards

Meanwhile, Emma G read about a magical fish and what happens when we get greedy. You can ask her. It’s not pretty, but her drawing sure is!

showing off her art

magical fish

We are nearing the end of our home schooling year for these two. At the kind advice of a friend, I’m trying to get the kid’s input on what they think they need more study on as well as what topics they are interested in. Emma G is undecided, but Joshua wants to learn Arabic. He has a list of languages that he wants to learn NOW, because kids learn so much faster than adults (it’s true and that’s seriously his reason). He decided to tackle Arabic first because that’s the hardest language. I swear this kid is like me in so many ways. By the end of the day, after some lessons on the iPad, he’s undecided on Arabic. Hard? Of course, but I’m cheering him on to not give up because it’s too hard!

Home Schooling Kids

home school :: morning, noon, and night

The past two weeks we’ve been on a home school break. It’s hard to say which school schedule we follow. We started a new school year last August which means we should almost be done with this year. However, S. Africa’s new school year started in January which means they’re in the beginning of the school year.

fractions in the morning

Then there’s the school holidays. Easter is a very big holiday here and school is always out for 2-3 weeks during that time. Although I hesitated to take the time off because we traveled so much the end of last year, I gave in. Truth be told. We all needed a break.

Or so I thought.

The past few days Emma G has set up her little table with a white board in the living room and taught us fractions…morning, noon, and night. The first day it was frations but now it’s fractions. Hey, it wasn’t spelling, just math. 🙂 It actually reminds me of myself at that age. I loved playing school. The only difference is I had a younger brother to boss around.

fractions at night

Guess I need to get back into the home school grind. Why does it feel like I’m trudging through mud to get there??