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House Project

House Project

Connecticut House Kitchen Remodel

I absolutely love transforming spaces. To take something and make it better, well, it’s one of my favorite things. We bought our Connecticut house in 2004. It was in a scary state. On the verge of foreclosure, the owner abandoned it and left a slew of fun surprises from a fish tank with fish in it (they were frozen in there since we bought it in the winter), vinyls galore, a car that didn’t run, and many other things I won’t take the time to mention. We cleaned that place up and brought life back into its walls. I didn’t design the first floor apartment, but the colors were indicative of the early 2000’s…brown/tan and red. Times have a changed, so it was more than overdue for a little refresh.

Here’s the before featuring that lovely 2000’s style…

We had about 2 weeks to complete this project, so we had to really focus on what we wanted to get done. The living room and kitchen were our top priorities. And if you’ve ever done a remodel project, then you know everything always takes longer than expected. We had a plan that ended up turning into a bigger project than we anticipated (like when you paint walls and then the ugly old outlets stand out), but we worked hard and got it done. I love painting, but I got to add some new skills to my repertoire like tiling and changing out those ugly outlet plugs.

The updated kitchen and living room…

We worked right up until the day we left, so I only got about an hour to sit in the living room and soak up the beauty. I’m so happy with the finished product!

Supply list…

Wall color ~ Benjamin Moore in Moonshine

Cabinet color ~ Benjamin Moore in Essex Green

Trim color ~ It was a white from Benjamin Moore, but I can’t remember the specific name of the color!

Backsplash ~ Daltile Restore from Home Depot grouted with Delorean Gray

Light above kitchen sink ~ Amazon

Countertops ~ Butcher block from Lowe’s

Cabinet pulls ~ Amazon

Kitchen faucet ~ Amazon

Cabinets ~ All purchased in natural oak from Lowe’s

Artwork above couch ~ bought on Etsy, 24X36 poster prints printed at Walgreens, Ribba frames from IKEA

creativity House Project

outdoor pallet coffee table {diy}

outdoor pallet table

Some of you got wind of my pallet project(s) on Instagram. It’s slow going, but I’ve had the table done for a couple of weeks now, and I think it’s high time I showed you! It’s super simple, y’all, and as you’ve probably gotten used to, I have no photos of the process. I really tried. I even brought my camera out, but I get so carried away that I forget to pause and shoot.

This, however, is the most simplest of things to make. Really, it is. I’ve never made furniture except the occasional IKEA piece. I do believe if I can do it, anyone can.

Supply List

  • 2 pallets – any size, it just depends how big you want your table to be
  • hammer or crowbar
  • drill & screws
  • 4 wheels
  • primer & paint OR varnish to seal the wood
  • paint brushes


1. Using a crowbar or hammer, start by taking all the top pieces of wood planks off of the piece that is going to serve as the top piece to your table. You can leave the two ends. You will also need to take off about every other plank from your second pallet. This step is totally optional, but I didn’t want such huge gaps in between my planks of wood. This is, by far, the hardest, most time consuming step.

2. After you get your wood planks off, arrange them on the top piece, trying to make it as flush as possible. Mine still had a little gap after I added about four planks of wood.

3. After you get the planks arranged, drill them into the pallet. You’ve already made your top piece!

4. On the bottom side of your second piece, screw a wheel into each corner. This is also optional, but I wanted wheels to make it easier to move around and sweep the verandah.


5. After your wheels are screwed in, flip that second piece over and put the first piece on top of it. My pallets were so heavy that there was no need to screw the pieces together. VoilĂ ! Your table is finished!

6. Finish your table by sealing the wood. I chose to prime mine with wood primer and then paint it white, because that’s what I had on hand.

outdoor pallet table

I’m making plans to start making the outdoor couch and chairs, so stay tuned for more amateur furniture making coming up soon!

House Project

the never ending scullery project

Ah, yes, the scullery. The never ending scullery project. Only I’m seeing an end in sight which is so very encouraging. Check out what my scullery looked like the last time I posted a full photo of it…


Check it out as of yesterday…


Do you see that progress?? Yes, it’s still a mess, but I’m envisioning it, and I can see the end in sight. There’s still a list that will feel long if I start rattling it off, BUT there’s progress every day, and that has my heart happy.

We put in a bigger window which has made the room feel so much bigger. I’m deciding how I want shelves for my pantry (that’s what the long wall is for) and we’re also still deciding on the floor. BUT THE PROGRESS! Oh, I’m so happy. We’re getting there!

House Project

scullery renovations week ??

My last scullery renovation post was July 25th. Sad but true. This is how it looked that week.


The progress has been slow, but sometimes that happens with renovations. All the tile is off the floor. The doorframe is out, and we’ve taken out part of the walls that were on either side of the doorframe. (I say “we” but it’s actually hired labor.) We’ve also had to grind out for the electrical. Boy, was that a dusty job! Even with tarps up, my house was covered in a thin blanket of dust. Check out the dust flowing out of the windows!

Grinding in the scullery. It's dusty but it's PROGRESS!



half wall

The hubs is making a game plan for the scullery which has my heart all giddy. I’m so ready for it to be finished and functional!

House Project

we started another project

Well, we started another project. That seems to be what the weekends are for around our house. Although, at the moment, that means 3 unfinished projects. Enough to drive this girl crazy. However, plans are now underway for finishing the scullery. For our bedroom, we’re at the mercy of the hardware store, waiting for a part to come to do the floors.


So, our project. We have one room upstairs in our house. When we moved in, it became the “I don’t know where to put this” room which quickly resulted in an eyesore. I started making plans in my mind. Maybe it can be a studio with my sewing machine and crafts and Jeremy’s music gear. Then I thought how wonderful it would be to have a home school room. The windows and fantastic view would be perfect. As Jeremy and I talked, though, we realized that our kids could really benefit from having their own room. While we have plans to add on, we felt we just couldn’t wait any longer for that to happen. So this past weekend, we jumped in to make it Joshua’s room. Our project list for the room…

  • Paint ceiling, walls, cabinet, and floor.
  • Put up baseboards
  • Make curtains
  • Make a headboard for Joshua’s bed
  • Make a slew of DIY projects to enhance the room.
I used to be all into the warm, earth tones, but now I find my eye being drawn to cool colors. (I’m currently dreaming of seafoam in my kitchen.) We had decided on white walls which I used to think were boring, but I’m loving the fresh, clean palette. I love that we started with what we knew and dreamed of the rest while we each had a paintbrush in hand.

painting the wall

“What are we going to do with the floor?”

“Maybe we should put carpet down.”

“Or maybe we should paint it.”

“Yes, let’s paint it. How about a white?”

“Or what about a black?”
And so, in the course, of a simple conversation, it was decided. We’re painting the floor black. It already had paint on it, so as you can see in the photo, we weren’t too careful with getting more paint on it. It will be a nice contrast to the white. I think Joshua has decided on navy blue and lime green (or green apple) accent colors. It’s going to look so good! The painting is finished and now the project looming over me is prepping the floor and painting it!
I think, eventually, this will become a home school / my craft room, but for the time being, it will serve as a bright and cherry room for my boy. I can’t wait to see it finished!