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10 Things Right Now…

1. Scarves and sweaters.
scarves and sweaters

2. Hot chocolate faces.
chocolate face

3. My little heater.
keeping warm

4. My kid’s creativity.
pirate boy

5. Knitting.

6. The progress on our house.
price's house

price's house

7. My awesome African giveaway.
wooden spoon giveaway

8. Our winter splashes of color.
winter flower

white winter flower

9. The never ending birthday month and the endless desserts!
eating ice cream

10. The new Ten Thousand Homes blog!

House Project

Changing Rooms

I know that’s a British home show but I think it can also describe my life, because once again, this week we changed rooms. In the span of less than 3 months, we went from Outiniqua to our humble abode, from that to a 2 room upgrade, and now to a 2 room plus small office area upgrade! We had to move because of a current mold problem (maybe a cause for all the sickness?) I’m still sharing a kitchen, but the kids have way more room to play now and I’ve made a small kitchenette in our bedroom/living room. I’m really praying this is the last move until it’s to our house!

view of the house

As you can see, progress is a little slow. After making final decisions and seeing more finances come in (by the way, thank you to those who donated!), work is going to start soon. The footers for the addition are dug and cement will be poured in the next week!


Currently the garage, this plus the addition will serve as the kid’s bedroom as well as an open kitchen and living room area. I look forward to updating you as progress continues!

The one good thing about all this moving is it’s causing me to downsize! I really like the feeling of that! In all this chaos, I kept that nice giveaway safe and sound, so don’t forget to enter!