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re-purposed men’s shirt

This week has been a bit hectic with little time for creative things. It’s a garage sale weekend. I hate garage sales. The house feels like mass chaos as you’re going through everything and piling it up for pricing. I don’t function well in that kind of clutter. I guess the feeling of purging, though, makes up for it.

However, yesterday, in the midst of the chaos, I remembered several half finished projects and thought, “Surely I can finish just one.” I’ll tell you, even a minute of a creativity, is soothing to the soul. Stepping away for just a moment has a way of clearing the mind.

re-purposed shirt

I saw this idea to re-purpose a men’s button down shirt in an issue of Sew It All. While I love the concept and the shirt in the photo, I’m still trying to decide if I like mine (and also if I should re-do the ric rac since I didn’t really follow those instructions too well). It just sort of fits like a men’s shirt. Nevertheless, it will be another good one to have for Africa.

ric rac 

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Photos once again taken by Joshua. 🙂


pillowcase skirts

With Uganda on the travel plans this summer, I needed to make some skirts, ones that would be cool and airy for my two weeks near the Equator. I found brand new packages of pillowcases at Salvation Army for $1 and thought they would be the perfect, inexpensive solution. Now I wasn’t blessed with slim hips. No, my blessing came in the form of being able to birth a nearly 10 lb. baby. One pillowcase doesn’t cover those kind of hips, but 1 1/2 do. Jeremy said that one didn’t look bad. I squatted to test it out and all I could envision was maneuvering this way and that to get the perfect shot while a seam ripped up the side. I’m not going for my most embarrassing moment in Uganda, so 1 1/2 it was.

with an umbrella


There really wasn’t a lot of measuring and carefulness with these babies. I did learn a bit of a better technique with the second one, using the additional “half” for the sides. Thankfully the black and white (or maybe it’s dark blue??) skirt has such a busy pattern, you can’t see what I did there. 🙂 After getting the width I wanted, I made an elastic casing at the top and used 1 inch ribbed, non-roll elastic. A little embellishment from felt scraps at the bottom gave them a fun touch. For less than $3 each, I have 2 skirts to wear. I love that I don’t have to worry about them getting ruined nor do I have to worry about ease of movement as I photograph my way through Uganda. 🙂

oh so cool 
the oh so cheesy cool moi

little blue birdie

With Joshua’s growing interest in photography, I asked him to take these shots of me. It’s not easy taking photos of a photographer, but I think he did a great job. I had to laugh as I modeled my creations for Jeremy. He said, “I didn’t think they’d be so long.” Perhaps on a person with a normal height, they wouldn’t be, but on a 5’1″ gal, yes, they’re a little long. 🙂


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creativity Kids Sewing

epic angry birds party

birthday bunting

I think Joshua’s Angry Birds party is the most elaborate (behind the scenes anyway) party I’ve done to date. I guess it’s only fitting seeing as how he turned a decade. The kid has every single Angry Birds app there is. He loves that game, so it was no surprise that he chose an Angry Birds party. Thankfully, he decided on it several weeks before the party so I could plan. The sewing machine got a workout, that’s for sure. I sewed 22 angry birds (19 for party favors and 3 for launching), 10 baby pigs, and one queen. Impressed?

queenie and her piggies

I put out a Facebook plea for empty boxes and within minutes had what I needed. (Thanks, friends, by the way!) I wrapped all the boxes in brown Kraft paper so they looked like the game. Yes, it was time consuming, but it’s those little touches that I love. The boys built their game and then used water balloon slingshots to launch the birds. Three of the birds I filled with beans so they would be heavier. It was so fun watching the kids build their structure and launch their birds!

building the game

 launch time

 For the kids not playing the game, I printed out some coloring sheets from Squidoo (thanks, Amy, for the link!). There’s a whole slew of Angry Birds stuff on that site including the angry birds font which I used for the invitations. The Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game was also available for entertainment.

coloring angry birds

It was a nice, breezy day. Nice in the sense that it kept things cool but not nice in the sense that we were constantly chasing plates and napkins, and Joshua had to blow out unlit candles. I really don’t think he minded one bit.

about to blow out candles

blowing out candles

With the epic Angry Birds party behind me, I have visions of some re-purposing projects that I had to put on the back burner. First, I’m giving my sewing muscles a little rest. 🙂

What’s your favorite birthday party you’ve ever hosted?

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Angry Birds sewing tutorials can be found at Obsessively Stitching. To see a close up of my Angry Birds, visit here, and to see my birthday bunting, visit here.



I’m about halfway done with these birds. Then I’ll start on the pigs. Two weeks to go until birthday time. I can get these done no sweat. 🙂

They sure are angry.


a birthday bunting

birthday bunting

I finished up a birthday bunting this week for Joshua’s upcoming birthday. While he was pleased with the look of it, I think he’s a little concerned that I’ve only finished one angry bird. I’m pretty sure he thought my efforts would have been better spent on that rather than this bunting.

all wrapped up

I encouraged him not to fear. The angry birds will indeed get done in time. We still have a few weeks. Surely it won’t be a problem.

crooked H

I’m really happy with how this one turned out, although, next time I think I would applique the letters on. I zigzagged them on with the sewing machine. That was not easy. (You might notice the slightly crooked H. I call it character.) I’m just happy to have a banner that I can use over and over. I plan on making a girl birthday bunting in about 6 months when that birthday rolls around.

Did you create anything fun this week?


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