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a slight living room makeover

I’ve slowly been making some small changes to my living room over the last couple of months. I tend to take things gradually, and although “gradual” is still the right word for the process, I want to show you what’s going on over here!

new curtains

living room

I love curtains but have held off on putting any up. I decided it was time. They create such a home feel that I love. I’ve always loved IKEA’s fabric, and since I’ve been on a bit of an orange kick, I chose this sturdy Majken fabric with a hint of orange. And there it sat. A huge pile that intimidated me, not because it was too hard. No, it was because it felt like a lot of work to make four huge panels. I finally got it done and Jeremy got them up and I love them.


I knew I also wanted to make some new pillow covers. Once again I turned to IKEA (don’t remember the name of this fabric) and went with a bit more orange. Julie Hermann from Jaybird Quilts has an excellent basic pillow cover tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. I cut my squares the exact size of my pillows to make them look very full. I love them.

new couch

Since Christmas I’ve been saving money to buy a new couch. I am very thankful for the way God provided when we came back, but my couch, wall, and floor was all the same color. I was just ready for something that was a little more us. So I saved and I sold items we didn’t need online until I had enough. It’s such a fulfilling moment to reach a goal and see it fulfilled. Even if it is just a couch. 🙂 Can you guess where it came from? You got it right if you guessed IKEA. Guess we have a little trend going on here. I absolutely love my Dansbo dark gray Kivik sofa. Adding the chaise lounge eventually…


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it’s an angry bird

We have a very special birthday coming up. In about a month my firstborn will be entering into the double digits. How did we get here so fast? I guess time certainly does fly when you’re having fun.

angry bird

Since I like to go all out for birthday celebrations, we recently began talking about what he might like. With the ever popular Angry Birds app, he was very excited to have an Angry Birds party. With the help of Pinterest, we have all we need to make this party awesome. Did you know that plush Angry Birds are like $10 each? That’s out of my budget for decorations and party favors. Instead I spent less than that to make a whole handful of angry birds and pigs. Oh, yes, these are the bomb. They’re homemade, but they’re the bomb.

bokeh head

I used the sewing tutorial from Obsessively Stitching. She’s got patterns for ALL the angry birds. It’s insane. Joshua’s eyes got so big, but I told him we would start with the angry birds and pigs and see what we have time for. I seriously love that he gets into these celebrations just as much as I do.

getting his throw on

I figure these will be great for decorating the table, and the kids can each take one home as their party favor. What do you think?
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Crafts Sewing

handmade valentine’s for her

If you’ve been a regular reader here for any period of time, you might have guessed that I like to make things.  I count holidays as the perfect excuse to make something, anything.  Well, there’s been a whole lot of making around here lately.

diapers & wipes

baby blanket

After making my most favorite birthday gift ever, I kept going to make some goodies for Emma G. A blanket, baby clothes, diapers, and her favorite, wipes. I had no idea she would go crazy over little wipes, but she was so happy when she saw them.

criss cross     summer dress

green knit dress    knit dress & bloomers

Patterns: diapers, wipescriss cross dress, & bloomers. (Knit dress is my own pattern I don’t have published anywhere.)

hair clip organizer

I couldn’t stop there, though. Emma G really needed something for her plethora of hair clips so I made her a little hair clip birdie. I saw the original idea in an issue of Simply Handmade (Be Mine). The top was a heart but I changed it to a bird. It was super easy to make!



Did you make any fun Valentine’s crafts?


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a bundle of goodness

doll clothes

I love being able to give handmade gifts.  I know some people could care less, but for me, it’s so satisfying.  I was riding high on the fun of sewing baby doll clothes when I realized they would make the perfect gift for an upcoming birthday party for our friend’s little girl.  After double checking that she did indeed have the right size doll, I got to work.  Unfortunately Miss Emma G wasn’t able to help me this time (I mostly worked on the items while she was in school or in the evening), but she did give her stamp of approval.

knit dress & bloomers

I already had a couple of knit items made, so I added bloomers to go with the dress.  I had never made these before but they were easy enough as long as I remembered to pull the elastic as I sewed.  (Pattern here and bloomer instructions here.)

dress & diaper cover

I made a dress to go with the knit diaper cover.  It’s reversible which makes it all the more fun. I love the criss cross it makes in the back. I did have to make it slightly bigger to fit a Cabbage Patch Kid sized doll. I believe I printed it at 120% and then I made the straps longer.

doll outfit set

I also made an outfit like the one Emma G and I made together (pattern here).  I cut the ruffle wider this time (6 in.) so the shirt would cover more belly. 🙂

stack of diapers

diapers and wipes

Then I found the easiest tutorial on making little diapers using felt and velcro.  You could easily make these without a sewing machine using stick-on velcro or hand stitching it on. But wait…you can’t have diapers without some wipes, right?  I saw this idea on Pinterest, and put my pinking shears to work. Again easy, and oh, so cute!

baby blanket for doll

name tag

I had originally planned on putting the gifts into some kind of diaper bag, but I just couldn’t find the “right” one, and I didn’t think I would have time to make one. I found a small flannel remnant that was perfect for a little blanket. A little bias tape and some pink fabric I already had, and not only did I have a blanket (and cute name tag), but something to wrap everything in!

sweet as candy

I seriously think this is my most favorite birthday gift I’ve ever given. It all came together so easily, and I had so much fun making everything. You should see my Pinterest Sewing board.  I have so many plans for making little doll clothes and accessories for Emma G’s babies!


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sewing time with my girl

Yesterday the kids were out of school for Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  A three day weekend is always nice, however, with several days of meetings last week, I found myself behind entering the weekend. I never like that feeling.  Monday morning came, and I thought I would tackle my {small} to do list and then it was going to be quality time with the kids.

That to do list was quickly (although reluctantly, if I’m honest with myself) scratched as I realized Miss Emma needed something to do to avoid the quickly approaching boredom.

EG sewing

I suggested we sew some clothes for her dolls to which she enthusiastically agreed.  She’s shown an interest in sewing with the machine, so I need to seize the opportunity to teach.  We searched the ever popular Pinterest and found what we were looking for.  A quick look through my stash of leftover material and we found the materials we wanted.  Of course, I picked out about four different outfits (yes, the ever ambitious mama).

happy girl

What I love about this pattern is that it’s really versatile.  With the simple bodice, you can then make a dress or a shirt like we did.  What I didn’t realize about this pattern is that I needed to print it between 120-130% to get the size I needed for the doll.  I swear the doll in the photo looked just like Emma G’s doll, but after we sewed the first shirt, it was more the size for a Barbie.  I also didn’t pay attention to the “fold.”  It wasn’t printed on the pattern so it wasn’t until after I cut the pieces, that I saw that important piece of info.  So…pay attention to the fold or you’ll have lots of weird shaped scraps!

new doll clothes

Those little setbacks didn’t seem to hinder the spirit.  I kept hearing her say, “This is so fun!”  She even picked out a business and website name for us. 🙂  And don’t you just love the buttons she wanted added to the shirt?  I went to bed envisioning our next project and find myself today only wanting to sew doll clothes!  I’m so glad I ditched the to do list for time with my sweet girl.  It was the best three hours of my day.