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Believe Love Create Is Open For Business!

BelieveLoveCreate Header

I can’t tell you how excited I am for Believe Love Create to finally be open! Please go and check it out! The inspiration for my store banner came about in the Idea Garden at the Tyler Rose Gardens.  (I’ll share about the Rose Gardens next week!)  I love it when inspiration comes! Feel free to put my store badge on your website. I would welcome any business!

Also, feel free to favorite Believe Love Create on Etsy!  I’ve pretty much moved everything from my store blog to my Etsy shop but there’s still a few things left to do.  I have, however, added some new inventory including a fall collection of note cards and 2011 calendars!  Check them out!

fall note card collage
The calendars are available in 2 different sizes and 3 different styles!  Click on the picture to be taken directly to that item in my Etsy store.
Believe Header
Believe Calendar
Love Calendar

love header

Create Cover
Create Calendar

I can’t tell you how much the name Believe Love Create fits me like a glove. My brain was blocked in thinking of something that described me and what I’m about. Perhaps a friend looking in from the outside can see a little more clearly at times. {Smile.}

Believe ~ Holding onto to something that is truth gives purpose and value to your life. I can’t imagine where I would be without my belief in God. He has been my rock through life, growing me along the way. Through Him I can believe in myself and the abilities He has given me including the ability to…

Love ~ Without love where would we be? It’s the glue that holds our lives together. It’s the reason we put our selfishness aside to help a friend in need or invite a stranger in. It’s something that is, at times, indescribable and makes our heart swell. It’s beautiful.

Create ~ We were made to be creative. This creative process has been such a journey for me.  Starting out as someone who thought I didn’t have an ounce of creativity in me to now holding creativity as a strong value.

To email me regarding any shop business and/or orders, please use my store email address, believelovecreateshop (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you, friends, for all your encouragement and support as I venture out once again!


My Home, The Art Gallery

prints above my desk

bedroom prints

The past week I feel like my home has turned into an art gallery! It’s a bittersweet thing actually.  The reason for this is because my friend had to close her space at the shop in Frisco.  Since I had prints there, it meant taking them down.  So they made their way onto the walls in my house.  I absolutely love them decorating my walls.  But I didn’t want to hog all the fun!  These framed prints are all available in my shop in select sizes while supplies last! 

flower wall

Happy shopping!

Knitting Shop

Knitting for Babes

diaper cover

A high school friend contacted back in May about knitting some items for her soon to be niece!  Luckily, the baby wasn’t due until August and I had 3 months to make everything.  Because of copyright laws, I had to come up with my own patterns which is still somewhat new territory for me.

pom pom hat

For this stripey, roll brim, pom pom hat, I used the jogless stripes method from Tech Knitting.  I love being able to stretch myself and learn new techniques that will help me with other projects!
hat with a tail

It was great that I had so much time to complete these 2 hats, diaper cover, and cocoon.  I wasn’t rushed at all!  The cocoon looks much better with a baby in it and looks even better with a real baby in it! 

baby in cocoon

These were ordered for the purpose of a photo session.  See Hollie’s photo shoot pics here.  I personally think they make great props!  You can look for these coming in my shop soon! 


Meet Your New Local Artist

artist :: a person who practices any of the various creative arts

my prints

An artist. I would have never put that label on myself even 5 years ago.  But as my love for photography grows, I realize that yes, I am an artist.  It even feels more legit now that I have some of my photos for sale.  Yes, that’s right FOR SALE!  I can’t believe it!  Another new and exciting opportunity that came my way recently!

bikes in uganda

boat on the nile
sailboat in cape town

A friend of mine creates decoupage pieces and recently started selling them at a local shop.  She asked me if I wanted to put some photos up to sell!  I went through these crazy emotions.  I think it must be an artist thing.  I felt vulnerable selling my stuff.  Like what if it doesn’t sell?  I might like what I see but what if other people don’t?  It’s all rooted in fear but still it was there.  I did overcome it and took the plunge.  Now if you don’t live near the Frisco Mercantile, I also have unframed prints for sale in my shop.

calla lilies

basket of okra

To see all my prints for sale, visit my shop.  And check out my Support Your Local Artist Week post promoting my photos!

Fun Shop

Welcome First Day Of Spring!


I am excited to welcome the first day of spring!  Although, this weekend forecast calls for anything but spring weather!  Temps in the 30’s (F) and possible snow!  What?!  Well, spring, we welcome you anyways and look forward to beautiful weather soon!

To celebrate the first day of spring, I’ve added some new items to my shop!  Springtime flower note cards and vintage~esque cloths are now available!

springtime flowers note cards
vintage~esque cloths

But wait!  There’s more!  In honor of spring cleaning, I’m offering discounts throughout my store.  From now until Wednesday, prices are reduced by 10% or more!  (Discount reflected in shopping cart.)  So head on over and check it out.  You might even find some goodies that would fit nicely inside an Easter basket!  (Note: If you would like to order from overseas, just email me and I will send you an invoice with the right shipping rates.)

I wanted to plant some flowers and herbs this weekend, but if the weather doesn’t allow, we’ll have to leave it for another time.  Hope your Saturday, whatever season you’re in, is fabulous!