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helping kids overcome obstacles in school


Has your child ever encountered obstacles in school or learning? I know my kids have. When the going gets hard, our natural instinct is to give up. When Joshua, our 14 year old, encountered difficulty in his Afrikaans class (one of the 11 national languages of South Africa), we learned a lot about how to help him through the process. Please join me over at Tommy Nelson and join the conversation there!

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london tips

Tips for Visiting London

London is a great place to visit, but as with any place, it’s nice to have some tips from someone who has been there. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Over at Petit Elefant, I’ve listed some tips that might prove useful for the time when you visit this great city!

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here we are, texas

How cute is she. Texas, see you tomorrow.

Well, we’re here in the great state of Texas. We landed a week ago, and it has felt like a whirlwind already. Today is the first day I’ve sat down and tried to respond to emails and think. Combine jetlag with culture shock, and you’ve got yourself a nice helping of brain fog. I find myself looking into a car to see where the steering wheel is so I know which side to get in on. I’ve also tried several times to turn the bathroom light on from the outside of the bathroom (there’s no plug outlets or light switches inside a bathroom in SA). It’s so funny the things you get used to.

Isn’t my girl too cute? She packed more stuff than any of us. We told her she had to carry her own stuff and amazingly, she did. She looks just like her daddy toting around her guitar. If you need any helpful tips for packing for a trip, I’ve got you covered over at Petit Elefant.

Happy Tuesday!

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safari tips


If you ever find yourself in S. Africa, I know Kruger National Park will be at the top of your to do list. Bookmark my 9 safari tips over at Petit Elefant so you can be prepared!