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Totally Me This Morning

This morning I said to my husband, “My chest feels tight.” He didn’t say a word but instead pulled out his phone and showed me this clip…

OMG. I was laughing so much. I do find myself nitpicking every possible ailment I might feel in a given day, mainly because I traveled 8 days ago. This was a reminder to take a deep breath and not operate in fear. Oh, and before noon, I felt fine.

Thoughts Video

the power of vulnerability

There is such power in vulnerability and yet, we tend to shy away from it. Why? Because well, it’s vulnerability, and it can feel uncomfortable. Putting your heart out there with no guarantee of what the outcome will be isn’t something that people are jumping up and down to do. Brene Brown points out, however, that vulnerability is necessary. I do believe her talk on the power of vulnerability is probably one of the best TED talks I’ve ever listened to. Please have a look and come back here with some of your thoughts. I would encourage you to take notes while she’s talking. I would love to hear what you think and start a discussion on living a wholehearted life driven by the courage to be vulnerable.

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for all the newbies out there

Happy Monday to you! I don’t usually have a whole lot of words to share on a Monday morning. Have I mentioned, since the kids have been in school, that I’ve dedicated Monday mornings to writing? It’s bliss, I tell you. I love it.

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I was a big fan of Kid President’s Pep Talk that circulated a year ago. He’s back. This time with a letter to a person on their first day here. After all, there’s a lot you need to know when you enter this world. Despite your feelings on corn dogs, I think you will find this video quite informative. šŸ™‚

Happy Monday!

Africa Video

it’s a ten thousand homes music video!

We have a Season of Service program we run here at Ten Thousand Homes where individuals can come for 1-3 months and volunteer with our projects. During Laura’s 3 months here, she took footage of all of our staff dancing and made this awesome music video as a thank you for her time here. Enjoy and don’t laugh when you see the Price’s. Promise? šŸ™‚  

Fun Thoughts Video

i think we all need a pep talk

Have you guys seen this Pep Talk from Kid President floating around social media? It’s fantastic. You really need to give it a watch. It’s a perfect jump start on a Monday morning!

On our Sunday night gatherings, we’re doing a whole Pep Talk series based on one liners taken from this video. Subjects like identity, teamwork, unity, doing everything with excellence, dreaming, and laying down your rights are topics we’re focusing on. 
Remember…create something to make the world awesome!