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To Trying New Things

I love trying new things. To experience something new, especially with people you love, is just so life giving. I’m such a perfectionist that I used to stress out if the new experience wasn’t enjoyed by all. How silly is that! I’ve had to learn that the joy resides in the act of trying, even if it’s a flop.

Last Friday we tried two new things. We went cherry picking. I’ve been apple picking when we lived in Connecticut, but picking cherries was new for me. I learned a few things… 1. Pick them with the stems on. They’ll last longer. 2. The darker the cherry, the sweeter (at least for bing cherries). 3. Cherries that accidentally drop to the ground are just as good to eat.

After cherry picking, we went for bison and elk burgers. I’ve eaten a lot of different meats (crocodile, zebra, warthog, kudu, just to name a few) but never bison or elk. Both tasted amazing. I highly recommend!

Today, try something new. You’ll be so glad you did!