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Traveling On A Budget

Let’s be real. Traveling costs money, sometimes a lot of money. I think a lot of people are confused at how we are able to travel so much. I’ve gotten creative over the years and discovered that it’s possible to go to exotic, fun places on a small budget. I utilize these tips every time including mine and Emma Grace’s excursion to Greece last Summer. We spent 10 days in Greece, seeing 3 of the islands, and only spent $2500 for food, accommodation, flights, excursions, and shopping for 2 people!

  1. Prioritize what’s important to you. Is it accommodation? Experiences? Food? This will help you focus on where you want to spend your money. Ours is always experiences and food!
  2. Plan ahead and book early. Flights and accommodation can fill up, especially in peak travel seasons. Booking early can ensure you get the most discounted prices.
  3. Search for coupon codes before booking. I always do a quick Google search for a coupon code before I hit book. An extra 10% here and there can add up.
  4. Join air mile programs. This is how I booked our air travel to Greece, by saving up air miles. Just look for how long miles last. For example…Delta’s miles never expire. American Airlines miles last a year and a half past the most recent activity date.
  5. If you’re responsible with credit cards, use them to pay for your daily expenses. I say this with caution, as this may not be the best fit for everyone. Know yourself and what you can handle. We utilize 2 different kinds of credit cards…one where we get cash back and one where we get air miles. We pay them off every month, so I feel it’s like we’re getting free travel and free money!
  6. If you’re traveling internationally, definitely use a no international fees credit card. You will get the best exchange rate with a card vs. cash. Just do your research and use one that doesn’t charge international fees!
  7. Research restaurants before you travel. I like to do this because, 1. It gives me an idea of price, 2. I don’t have to waste time while I’m on my trip trying to find places to eat, and 3. I can get an idea of whether it’s good or not before spending my money there. On our Greece trip, we did one nice restaurant on each island. The rest of the time we pretty much ate gyros!
  8. Look up per diem rates to help you budget for your trip. Per diem rates can be super helpful to give you an idea of what you might expect to spend, especially if you’re traveling overseas.

In addition to these tips, I utilize programs like Swagbucks where you can get points and cash them in for PayPal cash. You can also get cash back through Swagbucks for shopping at certain retailers (including travel booking sites). When I do this and pay with my credit cards, it’s like a double bonus!

Here’s to your next adventure!