No Fun!

Well, Joshua got a break from school! He’s on a 3-week winter break and he’s so excited about it. Everyday he asks, “Do I have to go to school today?” and everyday I say no. Then he says, “Whoa! Five days now!” It’s quite surprising to him because he hasn’t missed a day yet. Even when he had a cough and runny nose I still made him go to school. One of his classmates stayed home from school one day because he was sick. Joshua was so surprised he came home and told us in disbelief, “Did you know that you don’t have to go to school when you’re sick!?” Sorry, bud, I’ll try not to push you too hard! He’s had so much fun playing outside the past few days. I guess so much so that he got ringworm. It didn’t bother him but I took him to the clinic despite his pleading to not go. After an hour and a half wait, we were able to get some cream to put on it. We got home only to discover he’d had an allergic reaction to it! Back to the clinic! They gave us something else to clear it up so hopefully he will be back to normal soon!

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