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The other day I went to the care center to pick up a team. I haven’t been there much since we arrived. I felt so welcomed as all the kids rushed out and yelled, “MAMA!” They call every lady that, but I realized that all the kids that came running out are kids that I’ve built a friendship with over the past couple of years. As they all started asking me the same question, I realized that I really needed to learn their language! (We want to start learning Zulu soon.) One of the teachers said, “They are asking, ‘Where are your children?’” At that moment I realized how much God is going to use Joshua and Emma Grace to affect the continent of Africa. We receive a lot of emails of people thinking how hard it must be to raise children here. It’s not as easy as being in your home country but God’s grace is very sufficient. I see how Emma Grace wins the hearts of many with her smile and how Joshua is quickly becoming like the Afrikaans children he goes to school with. He loves that he can walk around everywhere barefoot! And he’s learning Afrikaans in school and even correcting Jeremy and I with the accent. As a mother my heart swells with joy at the thought of my children being involved with loving the orphans and being a part of something that is so much bigger than they can imagine. We thank God that he’s not only brought Jeremy and I here to love the orphan and the widow but he’s brought Joshua and Emma Grace here to do the same.

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