Emma Grace…Girls Are SO Different!

What’s new with Emma Grace? Well, we’re doing potty training – take 2! Her incentive is that if she goes she gets a smartie. I think she goes just so she can get a pink one! We’re doing pretty well but still have a ways to go!

I’ve been amazed at how different our two kids are. Emma Grace is definitely more emotional and if she doesn’t get her way, she can be very stubborn! This usually results in one of those 2 year old tantrums!

The sweetest thing about her, though, is how she loves to care for her babies. She sings to them, puts them to bed, and feeds them. She’s also very good at making a meal! She gets the table all set then invites us to her room for dinner. As soon as we sit down she puts a napkin on our lap. Amazing to see how God has wired her!

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