Love Feast!

Our first annual Love Feast went great! Our heart was, as staff, to bless the DTS students so we cooked a nice meal (steak, potatoes, broccoli casserole, homemade crescent rolls, and malva pudding for dessert!) and served it to the students. We decorated the backyard with candles and tiki torches, and wrote them words of encouragement. Following the dinner we had a talent show. Lovely Kelly MC’ed the event.
Everyone participated with their differing talents from telling their most embarassing moment to playing original songs to doing acrobatic stunts! Jeremy played two of his songs he wrote for the kids. And Jen (along with 2 other chickadees) led everyone in the Chicken Dance!

A Visit From The Wimpy Acrobats!

DTS Girls Singing, “In The Jungle…”

Kelly, Heidi, & Kathryn Singing A Diddy From Newsies…

Everyone hanging out afterward while Benjamin (one of our staff) played a little guitar.

Our DTS Staff and Students

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