University Village: Kruger Park

University Village: Kruger Park

After two years of creating “HOME” for young orphans and vulnerable children in southern Africa, we have noticed a great need among the older orphans. There are many organizations focusing on small children here in Africa, as there is funding and programs available for the young and most vulnerable, which is good and right! But what we have noticed is that once these young people matriculate, become 18 yrs of age, they are orphaned for a second time. They no longer qualify for funding and programs, and they no longer belong in the one place they have found security. There are very few, if any, opportunities for employment or further education and with no real knowledge of how to survive on their own, many wander the streets and eventually become involved in crime and drugs. And these are good kids, with great hearts.

At University Village, our heart is to provide a second “HOME” for many of these children. A place to learn, a place to find a hope and a future. A campus to call “HOME.”

As a part of the Youth With A Mission/University of the Nations, University Village: Kruger Park will offer a Christian discipleship course (DTS), a Biblical Worldview course (BSN), Basic Construction Technology, Business Administration, English Language Studies, Computer literacy, Leadership Training, Community Development School, and much more. By providing a foundation of Christian values and practical, marketable skills, the students will be much better prepared to be successful in a demanding world.

This vision is incredible and finds us more excited than ever for the future of Africa. University Village is a relevant response to the needs in Africa. As many know, Africa has been evangelized many times! The Hope and Future is in discipleship and training! To support and empower a generation to transform a continent!

University Village is not a complicated task, but it will not be easy! It will take much sacrifice! We are truly overjoyed by such an opportunity! And know that now is the TIME! Now is the TIME for Africa!

Would you Help? Would you be a part of the destiny of Africa! As I said, University Village is a simple idea that requires more than just a few people to make it possible. As Ten Thousand Homes we are part of a movement. A move of God toward the fatherless and the abandoned. This is not our idea, but Jesus’, started 2000 years ago. We need people that would join with us and make a sacrifice. Money, time, and relationships are all needed! People willing to give time in prayer! give money! and to tell others about this! true advocates!

Will you join us? I am asking you to do all of the above! Please pray and move as the Father moves you! But please consider all! Please pray. Please give financially. And Please tell your friends! You can give online at and there will be more to come soon with ideas for advocacy!

The world will not be the same!

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