Many have heard, I am sure, of the xenophobic attacks here in South Africa. We have been safe! Thanks for all the emails! Unfortunately, many other African foreigners here in SA have not been ok. These attacks are HORRIFIC! I have found no one who knows how they started, but they have spread to townships and shantytowns of every major city in South Africa.

South Africa is a country with many foreigners. Swazis, Mozambicans, Malawians, Zambians, and due to the current political situation over 3 million Zimbabweans, as well as, many other African nations. Many of these people come to South Africa in pursuit of jobs and a better life. An escape from poverty.

The attacks were started by those threatened by foreigners taking their jobs. It is all about intimidation and fear. The stories are terrible and many are homeless, scared, and without hope. Please pray!
I am more confident now than ever for the need of what we are doing here in SA.

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