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Safe In Your Mother’s Arms…

The kids have been battling a cold the past few days, so at night, sometimes they have trouble sleeping. The other night Emma Grace was tossing and turning, crying, and just really uncomfortable. I went in to her room, picked her up into my arms, and sat down on her bed. I looked down and noticed that, despite her eyes being closed, she was smiling. I thought about how she must have felt safe in my arms and totally at peace. It was such a sweet moment.

I then started thinking about the children living in the communities here. I suddenly felt emotion as I thought of the many 3 year old girls living without their mommies and daddies. How they must long to know what it feels like to be safe in their mother’s arms or even to feel safe at all. Can you imagine your child growing up without feeling that sense of security?

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I look at the numbers of orphans here. They are staggering. But then I remember that I just need to touch and love every child that I can. I pray that through our family, these children would see a glimpse of the Father’s heart and feel safe in His arms…

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