Fill Our Desperation…

We meet as a leadership team once a week. This past week, as we shared what God is doing in our lives and then sang some worship songs, I was struck with something. As we sang “Would You come? Would You fill our desperation?”, I was reminded of the need to allow God to fill MY desperation. Lately I’ve realized how overwhelmed I get when big projects start coming up. And we’ve had our share of big projects lately. Believing God for the money for University Village, DTS, the upcoming staff conference, building a care center later this year. As I look at the tasks ahead, I get overwhelmed. God really convicted me recently on that. Why do I get so overwhelmed when I have such a good God that takes care of me? If I just give it to Him, He will faithfully give me what I can handle. Why is that so hard for me to do!? With all the projects, I definitely recognize, that we can’t do it on our own. We need God to do it and then it is a testimony of how great He is! I look forward to seeing God’s hand move in miraculous ways in the upcoming months!

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