Joshua’s First Cricket Match!

Ok, so I don’t have clue what the rules of cricket are. I know some of the words associated with this game are wicket, bowl, bat, safe, out… Sounds a bit like baseball but it is very different. For one they hold the bat down instead of up, and the ball actually bounces before the hitter hits it. I don’t really know the rules but it was fun cheering Joshua on (he did really well bowling) and snapping pics of my son’s first sports match. By the way, they won! Here’s some of the many photos I took:

Interesting facts about cricket:
1. The sport is played in over 160 countries.
2. The modern form of this sport originated in England. It started out as a kid’s game.
3. There are 11 players on a team.
4. The bat is not more than 38 inches long and the blade may not be more than 4.25 inches wide. Bats typically weigh around 3 lbs. with the handle covered in rubber to enhance grip.
5. Cricket can be traced back to the 13th century but may have existed even earlier than that.
6. Typically matches are played over 3 to 5 days with 6 hours of cricket played each day.
7. In 1844 the first international cricket match took place between the USA and Canada.
To see the rules of cricket, you can click here or the shortened Wikipedia explanation.

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