Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches!

You never realize how much you miss something until you go to the store to buy it and they don’t sell it! When Jeremy went back to the states earlier this month, our friends here in South Africa had requests for him to bring back. One of our friends had been to the states before so she really wished Jeremy could bring back ice cream sandwiches. Of course that wouldn’t be possible but I thought I would Google a recipe and see what came up (can I just say I love Google – you can find anything!) I found this recipe on Family Fun and they turned out awesome! I just wish they sold Blue Bell ice cream here. The next step would be making our own ice cream!

Here’s how the kids helped:

To see this recipe, click here to go to Family Fun.

Even though it says to use margarine, I used butter and they still turned out great!
This post is dedicated to Simone Nilsson! Try making these and see how they taste!

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